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The Flying Photographer’s aerial photography services in Sheffield are diverse and designed to fulfill a wide range of photography needs and requirements. Please browse our range of services below:


Drone-based photography is the go-to for many real estate firms in Sheffield because it captures a perfect aerial view of entire properties. This can be appealing to potential buyers, especially those looking to buy larger houses or plots of land because it helps them get an unconventional look at the property. Many people hire freelance drone pilots from Sheffield for this purpose, but the Flying Photographer’s team of professionals and fleet of drones can offer much better services at a much more competitive price.


For commercial agents or firms looking to sell or lease properties like offices, retail parks, industrial estates, and units or factories in Sheffield, aerial photography can be an effective marketing tool. The Flying Photographer’s 4K footage edited by our expert team can be an even better marketing tool. We also provide unedited footage and images if you would rather do the editing yourself, but our process is so collaborative that you won’t even feel the need to do anything yourself!


Since drones have already proven themselves to be extremely powerful commercial tools, many industries have begun using them for surveys – the data captured from above by our drone pilots represents an objective view of Sheffield. Our land and building surveys can be integrated into building and renovation plans for firms and individuals alike.


Surveying a building or town’s infrastructure using drones is much more efficient than doing so using manned aircraft or even satellite imagery. Our drones can fly at a lower altitude which makes for the generation of high-resolution footage and high-accuracy data possible. Drones are also independent of atmospheric conditions like cloud cover. The Flying Photographers drone pilots are some of the best that Sheffield has to offer, and our services are faster and less expensive than other non-drone based alternatives.


An event photographer’s job has always been to capture the full experience of an event on film – regardless of whether it is in the form of pictures, videos, or both. Aerial photography Sheffield has become quite mainstream when it comes to major or minor events in town, and for good reason. Drones can capture the essence of an event much better than regular cameras can because they do so from an aerial viewpoint. A drone can, in a single snapshot, capture every single attendee at an event; something that regular cameras might not be able to achieve without multiple shots. The Flying Photography provides drone photography Sheffield services for every event; think school assembly, birthday party, or wedding.


TV AND FILM Drones are revolutionizing the way that film and TV are being shot all over the world, so why should Sheffield be left behind? The Flying Photographer’s drone services aim to provide Hollywood-level film and TV footage in Sheffield.


Drone surveying has come a long way as technology has evolved, and one of the most fascinating things that have come out of this evolution is 3D mapping. This can be achieved if the drones being used have the appropriate sensors – which ours do, complemented by our 3D mapping and surveying software. While 2D mapping has been around for a while now, its fairly recent counterpart – the 3D mapping - uses photogrammetry software to create realistic maps and models using drone footage. These maps can be a key deliverable when it comes to land and infrastructure development.


The use of drone photography is now prevalent in Sheffield agriculture because of the unique surveying opportunities it presents. Drones in agriculture can (depending on the kind of sensors they have) be used for precise distribution of agricultural chemicals agents, monitoring the health of livestock, remote sampling, and monitoring the health of crops. This last phenomenon is what the Flying Photographer specializes in. The drones we use for this are specially equipped with multispectral imaging sensors, which monitor crop health using algorithms based on the amount of near-infrared light being reflected off of leaves. Neat, isn’t it? We can also fit some of our drones with thermal cameras if that is your preferred method of agricultural surveying.